Even more delicious, even more beautiful.
From the Nada area to the new Nihonsakari

As a pledge to commemorate our 120th year since inception, we at Nihonsakari have released a new official slogan: “Even more delicious, even more beautiful.” This slogan is a promise from Nihonsakari to you, the customer, through the products and services we offer like sake and cosmetics. It’s our promise to deliver that special kind of happiness that comes from enjoying delicious flavors. It’s our promise to answer your dreams to stay beautiful and healthy. At Nihonsakari, we pledge to continue pursuing “more,” to take on the challenge of providing “more.”

Sake brewing To a more delicious every day.

Sake that pleases the body and soul, made from tradition and innovation.
We constantly strive to deliver a new age of deliciousness — A new type of sake brewing that blends the tradition and skill of the Tamba-Toji (master sake brewers) together with the latest in brewing technology, and safe and high quality products centering around trustworthy ingredients supplied by the rich natural bounty of Japan. We search out the different strengths each natural ingredient possesses and supply products that good for your body. At Nihonsakari, we spare no effort to bring you “more.”

Cosmetics and health food To a more beautiful tomorrow.

We harness the power of nature and natural yeast to bring you a better, more beautiful tomorrow.
The backbone of Nihonsakari is sake brewing. However, in order to respond to the changes of the times and the diversification of needs, we have branched out from that central core to a variety of fields. The fields of natural cosmetics and health food products have grown from their beginnings in the diverse compilation of natural ingredients we have attained through our sake brewing business and the technique and knowhow that has been cultivated through the annals of sake brewing history.

Food culture To a more delightful day.

Bringing smiles to customers. Providing great times and fun environments.
For example, we supply spaces where you can enjoy sake and delicious food. We supply information like guidance on how to get the most pleasurable sake drinking experience, recipes that go well with sake, and information to help you live in beauty and health. It’s customer service that doesn’t end when the products are ready for sale. The themes and challenges we at Nihonsakari take on are ever growing, ever expanding.

Company Name Nihonsakari Co., Ltd.
President Naoki Morimoto
Incorporation 1889
The capital 579,150,000 YEN
Employees 190(AS OF MARCH 2019)
Head Office Nishinomiya City
Branch Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Tokai, Nagoya, Kinki, Fukuoka