Nihonsakari Co., Ltd., being a tradition-minded sake-brewing manufacturer, has repeatedly taken on new challenges in its history of 130 years. We will continue to move forward, following our motto: Experience and Adventure.

Foundation Phase

Challenge to sake brewing by young people in Nishinomiya with their high resolutions

Nihonsakari Co., Ltd. was established in 1889 as Nishinomiya Kigyo Company by those interested in starting a business for the development of Nishinomiya and its industries. Committed to its quality-first policy, the company had contrived brewing method of high-quality sake with original flavor and aroma. Consequently it had grown into one of the best brewing companies in Nadagogo area in ten years. When the enthronement ceremony of the Emperor Taisho was held in 1913, “Nihonsakari” was selected as a purveyor of sake for the Imperial Household. Today “Souhana” is regularly served at the Imperial Household.

Established as Nishinomiya Kigyo Company.
Changed the company’s name to Nishinomiya Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Became a manufacturer of “Souhana,” a purveyor of sake for the Imperial Household Agency.
First released second-class sake (at that time) among the major brewing companies located in Nada.

Growth Phase

To be a well-known company loved by many Japanese people

Taking into account the social context of Japan’s rapid growth and substantial reduction in liquor tax, Nihonsakari Co., Ltd. had invested in modernization and rationalization of processing, and increased the output of production. Its products became to be well known and loved throughout Japan, owing to various ideas as well as technological innovation such as change to a year-round brewery, sales strategy for expanding sales, and the industry’s first broadcasting of television commercials. “Komenuka Bjin (Rice Bran Beauty),” which was the industry’s first cosmetics made from rice bran, was released in 1987. We entered into a new field. In 2000 we changed the company’s name to Nihonsakari Co., Ltd., and opened a facility to offer information of Japanese sake called “Sakagura-dori Rengakan.”

Broadcasted the industry’s first television commercial: “Nihonsakari is good sake.”
Released the industry’s first cosmetics, “Komenuka Bijin.”
Released the industry’s first sake with the concept of health, “Kenjo.”
Changed the company’s name to Nihonsakari Co., Ltd.
Opened a facility, “Sakagura-dori Rengaka.”

Rapid Progress Phase

More delicious, more beautiful
Challenge to realize the next vision of Nihonsakari

Nihonsakari Co., Ltd. always strives to produce better products in order to offer the industry’s first products and services to the customers. Our innovative challenges include: release of health-conscious sake, “Kenjo” and “Green Pack,” development of antenna shops that sell Nama-genshu by measure, release of bottle-type canned Nama-genshu in a casual style and canned hot sake applicable for warming for two weeks running. We seek to realize our slogan: “More delicious, more beautiful, and more fun” through various challenges.

Released the industry’s first sake with 50% carbohydrate off, “Green Pack.”
Released the industry’s first cupped sake of 300ml.
Opened a direct sales shop, which sells Nama-genshu direct from breweries by measure at Hankyu Nishinomiya Kitaguchi station.
Released the industry’s first bottle-type canned Nama-genshu of 200ml.
Released the industry’s first sake with no carbohydrate and no purine body.
Celebrated the 30th anniversary of release of “Komenuka Bijin.”
Released the industry’s first Nama-genshu server in Koshien Stadium.